Welcome to the WAREM Alumni Network

Striving to Connect, Communicate and Collaborate with hundreds of alumni out there, in different parts of the world, we look forward to foster the bond between the institute and the alumni. In the coming days there would be more initiatives between the institute and alumni to participate and contribute, to the scientific and technological advancement in the field of Water Resource Engineering and Management.    

Our Immediate Goals

  • Support alumni registration in database
  • Support networking activities and events; such as reunions
  • Promote alumni-mentoring program for current student
  • Promote campus and department visits by alumni
  • Promote research and consultancy relationships between institute and alumni

Further features will be available soon…. Looking forward for all your support 

WAREM Alumni - Working positions


Name: MSc. Chou Daniel

WAREM Generation: 2016-18

Position: Project Engineer

Responsibility: Planning and carrying out water treatment projects in the beverage industry.


Name: MSc. Tawhed Bashar 

WAREM Generation: 2016-18

Position: CEO & recipient of fellowship with young water Solutions organization

Company:  ECO-Genius Environmental solutions

Responsibility: Enabling youth under 16 to participate in developing human centered water and environmental solutions. Through education, capacity building and incubation.

We believe children are more creative, and therefore we are investing in their mental capacity and personal skills. We provide the program to low income societies without payment and higher income societies for fees to assure sustainability.

Part of the company’s services is technical consultancy for water and environmental solutions. And we are also developing a platform and network for environmental and water innovation to facilitate for creative development.


Name: MSc. Nirav Vasant Shah

WAREM Generation: 2015-17

Position: Early-Stage Researcher

Project involved: Reduced Order Modelling, Simulation and Optimization of Coupled Systems (ROMSOC) project.

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Name: MSc. Md Hasibur Rahman Lemon

WAREM Generation: 2015-17

Position: Object Planner

Company: Dipl.-Ing. Gringel GmbH (Engineering office)

Responsibility: Object planning of engineering structure (drainage and wastewater disposal) and traffic facilities according to HOAI.

Short description: We are a company for engineering consultancy and providing services mostly for public authorities. I'm working as an Object Planner, where I have been planning engineering structures, such as drainage and wastewater disposal facilities, as well as roads and traffic facilities.


Name: MSc. Muhammed Mahfuzul Hafiz Chowdhury

WAREM Generation: 2016-18

Position: Water Resource Engineer specializing in Hydraulic Structure Engineering

Company: Holts and Nicolaisen GmbH, Flensburg (Consultancy firm)

Job description: Hydraulic Structure Engineering and Urban water drainage management  


Name: MSc. Christene Razafimaharo

WAREM Generation: 2015-17

Position: Climate Change Scientist

Responsibility: Working on climate risk assessment team at an engineering firm. Analyzing historical and projected climate datasets, selecting relevant parameters that have an impact on infrastructure, including housing, water and electricity distribution networks. Using then the results as inputs to a risk analysis, to inform clients on the potential risks that climate change poses to their infrastructure.

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