The details of our program

WAREM Image Film (2)

Source: YouTube

Image Film 2/2 created by the students of HfK+G in cooperation with WAREM Generation 2017

The program covers the following areas:

The University’s excellent research facilities in the water sector are at students’ demand, e.g. a modern hydraulic laboratory, the largest in-situ groundwater remediation installation (VEGAS) and the largest prototype waste water treatment plant in Europe (LFKW).

Before starting the study program a six week German intensive course, offered by the office of International Affaires is compulsory for all international students. They have to attend German courses during their study until they have reached level A2.

The program is rounded off with excursions throughout Europe, giving the students the opportunity to visit various sites, such as hydropower-stations, locks, sewage treatment plants and water supply systems. Hence the impact of projects on the environment may be discussed and experienced on a first hand basis. Visiting professors from around the world not only enhance the quality of the program, but also promote collaboration between scientists world-wide.

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