Master´s Thesis

Important information required to successfully complete Master´s Thesis

The Master´s Thesis is normally carried out in the fourth semester and is equivalent to 30 ECTS-credits. It must be completed within 6 months of registration. 

Requirements: The topic of the Master Thesis can be started after 72 ECTS have completed.

The Master´s Thesis can not only be completed at one of the institutes of the University of Stuttgart.  Due to the innovative and economically strong location of Stuttgart students have the best opportunities to write the Master's thesis under the supervision of the university as well in a company or a research center.
Another possibility is to do it abroad at a University, a company or a research center.


Depending on the topic, The first examiner must be a full professor of the University of Stuttgart or a member of the senior academic staff who is an authorized examiner according to the legal statutes.

To register for the Master´s Thesis, follow the link in the CAMPUS PORTAL


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