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Water Resources Engineering and Management

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Guiding Videos

Please follow the link to ILIAS to find guidance videos. The videos will help you settle quickly in Stuttgart when you arrive, clarify some formalities, and introduce some WAREM's lecturers and institutes.  

ILIAS link to the videos

The quality of WAREM is certified under the system - Accreditation of University of Stuttgart and German Accreditation Council.

Qualified, multidisciplinary engineers and scientists as well as international scientific and professional cooperation in the field of water resources engineering and management are in demand to meet the water needs of a growing world population within given environmental and social constraints.

The Master of Science Program WAREM has been developed to satisfy these demands. It is based mainly on the fields of civil and environmental engineering, and working close together with the Institutes IWS (Hydraulic and Computation Environmental Systems) and ISWA (Sanitary Engineering, Water Quality and Solid Waste Management).

WAREM is the appropriate Master Program for

  • Bachelor of Civil Engineering, Water Resources, Chemical Engineering, Chemical Process Technology, Environmental Eng., Fluid Mechanic Eng., Irrigation Eng., Mechanical Eng., Sanitary Eng., Soil & Irrigation Eng.
  • Educational or professional experience in either hydraulics or wastewater, particularly in fluid mechanics are required

Not appropriate: Higher National Diploma (HND)

Qualification goals

Engineers trained in the Master´s Degree Program Water Resources Engineering and Management (WAREM) acquire all the important skills and knowledge that serve as the basis for a successful professional life.

They are

  • able to foresee, recognize and evaluate the problems caused by and in the handling of water and water systems as well as plan and carry out analytical, model-based and experimental investigations,
  • able to work in a team on tasks of an interdisciplinary and international character based on the background of cultural, economic and political conditions,
  • familiar with the methods for the development of water management concepts, but at the same time have the skills to plan them and implement them by means of suitable technical measures and installations,

They have

  • in-depth knowledge of water management, hydraulic engineering, groundwater, geohydrology, urban water management, water quality and understand the fundamental scientific and engineering relationships,
  • the engineering skills for the development, planning and operation of plants and are also familiar with the non-technical effects of their work,
  • the competence to implement the water management tasks in organisational and administrative terms,
  • a high scientific qualification.

Further information can be found under the section application requirements and procedure. Please click the link below.


Information on what to know before you come to Stuttgart, can be found in this link below.

Pre-departure information

If you want to support the students of our program, please follow the link Donation Account: Friends of WAREM

Donation Account: Friends of WAREM

IAHR, the International Association of Hydro-Environment Engineering and Research, particularly promotes the advancement and exchange of knowledge through working groups, specialty symposia, congresses, and publications on water resources, river and coastal hydraulics, risk analysis, energy, environment, disaster prevention, industrial processes. 

IAHR - BW - YPN is a group of young budding water experts mainly involved in organising symposia, excursions to water infrastructure facilites, hikes, introduction to water associated departments and social events.  

If you are interested in being part of the global network, please email iahrbw.ypn@gmail.com



Waiver of tuition fees due to the corona pandemic

Students who encounter financial hardship due to the corona pandemic and through no fault of their own after beginning their studies, or who are unable to complete course assessments as planned for the next semester may apply to have their tuition fees waived. Reasons for waiving tuition fees and the conditions that must be fulfilled are listed below and on the application form. The waiver of tuition fees does not include semester fees, these must still be paid.

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