Before Studying

Important information before starting the program!

2. When can I apply?

15th November to 15th February. This registration period is valid for German students as well. The deadline is 12.00 a.m. midnight CET (Central European Time)

3. How do I apply for the WAREM program?
Only Online! The online portal is open during the above mentioned period. Postal submission is neither necessary nor desired.
5. I haven't yet finished my Bachelor’s Degree. Am I allowed to send the transcript of records later?
We prefer complete applications. We must have the transcript with all courses taken and graded to obtain the correct CGPA. If you don't have your Bachelor Degree Certificate yet,  please upload a letter from your University stating that you will get the certificate soon. You will need it latest when you enroll in Stuttgart in September.
6. Are original documents required?
Please upload your original documents plus the translation of your documents. For enrollment in September, please bring the original and the validated copy of your Bachelor Degree and the transcript with you.
7. Who can authorize/certify/verify a copy?
  • Schools or institutes that issued your documents
  • Embassies of the Federal Republic of Germany of the country in which the certificate was issued
  • Public authorities and notaries authorized to carry out official authentications
8. In which language should the documents be translated?
Documents issued in any language other than German or English must be officially translated by an accredited translator into German or English.
9. Where should the TOEFL/IELTS certificate be sent?
The TOEFL/ IELTS results should be uploaded as well together with the online application. Do NOT send the TOEFL/IELTS result yourself neither by post nor by any university code.
10. Is it possible to send the English proficiency certificate results after the deadline?
No, only in very exceptional cases (e.g. English Test is not offered due to political situation).
11. Do you require recommendation letters or a statement of purpose?
No. The submission of these documents is optional. However, as these documents express a lot of the candidates’ character and opinions, it helps to support the admission process.
12. Are my professors allowed to send the recommendation letters by e-mail?
Yes, but the submission of these documents is optional.
13. When do I get information of my acceptance/rejection to the Study Program?
The Admission Committee will decide on the applications after the deadline. Applicants will be informed within 4 weeks whether they were admitted or rejected. Before February 15th it is not possible to give any information on the status of the Admission Committee’s decision.

1. Is it necessary to speak German when applying for WAREM?
No, it is not necessary to speak German when applying for WAREM. However, learning German is an obligatory part of the Study Program. We require at least Basic User (A2.1) level regarding the Common European Framework of Reference (GER) for Languages.
2. What happens when I submit a proof of my German knowledge with a minimum A2.1 level certificate?
You will be exempted from the German Language Intensive Course. However, the Certificate has to show that you have passed an exam and you have got a grade. We do not accept certificates of attendance. Furthermore, we strongly recommend you to attend the Intensive Courses offered by the University.
3. What happens when I cannot submit a proof of my German knowledge with a Basic User (A2) level certificate under the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages?
You have to participate in the 6 week German Language Intensive Course starting in September. In case you cannot attend the course in September, you have to attend the course in March/April. The courses are all free of charge.
4. What happens if I do not arrive in time (beginning of September) to start with the German course?
If you are arriving late in September, you must attend the German Intensive Course offered in March/April during the lecture free time.
1.  How much are the living costs in Stuttgart?
Living expenses are approx. EUR 850 per month as detailed in the following:
  • Rent: approx. EUR 260 to EUR 360 (without meals)
  • Health insurance: approx. EUR 110
  • Semester ticket for public transport: approx. EUR 210 per semester
  • Broadcasting Contribution fee (Rundfunkbeitrag) GEZ: EUR 17,50
  • Food: approx. EUR 150
The living costs vary depending on where you live (student dorms or private flat) and of course on your personal lifestyle. Please do not come to Germany expecting to be able to finance your whole studies by working while studying. WAREM is a 4-semester fulltime Study Program and the study load is very high. Moreover, jobs are hard to find especially if someone does not speak German.
2. How much is the rent in one of the student dorms?
A room in one of the student dormitories on campus costs approximately EUR 260 to 360 per month, to apply for a room, a one-time deposit of EUR 700 (including EUR 400 refundable deposit and EUR 300 as a part of your first month’s rent) must be paid in advance.
3. How can I apply for a dorm?
As soon as you have an admission you can apply via the WAREM office for a room in one of the dorms.You will receive more information by e-mail after admission.
1. Does the University of Stuttgart offer financial aid?
The University of Stuttgart does NOT offer any financial aid. for student Visa, it is necessary to proofe that sufficient finances are available to cover the living expenses for 12 months. At present, the German authorities require proof (Bank Statement) of at least EUR 861 per month.
2. Does the WAREM program offer financial aid?
The WAREM program does NOT offer any financial aid. Highly motivated students with good grades might receive a scholarship issued by the IZ.
3. Where can I apply for scholarships?
For more information, please visit here.
4. Am I allowed to work during my studies?
Non-EU citizens are allowed by law to work for a maximum of 120 days per year (or 240 half days). However, you must search for jobs independently and there is no guarantee that you will find an adequate one in Stuttgart.
5. How can I apply for a "Hiwi" (student assistant) job?
The best way is to ask personally in the respective Institute. Often Hiwi jobs are available in labs or within a project. But it is very seldom to get a Hiwi job in the first semester. The lecturer will choose a Hiwi depending on the requirements and the competences of the student.
6. How high are the tuition fees?
The State of Baden-Württemberg passed a new law in May 2017 requesting a tuition fee of EUR 1500 per semester (6 months) for international students who are not EU citizens.
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