Overview of the topics of the seminar "Requirement of Professional Live in Engineering and Practice"

W 2020/2021

Seminar Schedule Winter Semester 2022/2023

Online - Webex Meetings





1. Fish Population Health of Baden-Würtenberg associated with the water quality and other factors. 2.European Fish Hazard Index 

1. Niklas Henning. 2. Damariz Zulkarnaen


1. Review: M. Pronk, et al., 2015. Full scale performance of the aerobic granular sludge process for sewage treatment. Water Res. 84, 207-217. 2. Master Thesis defence.  1. Ryosuke Sugio; 2. Viviana Quezada



1. Increasing Hydrological Extreme Events and its Effects 1.Zhang Ying, Chinmayee Koodly Ravishankara; 
2. Master thesis defence 2.Tlanezi



1. Development of Groundwater Resources in Rural areas. 1. Mohammad Rabah and Mohammad Fadu
2. ''Istanbul Canal'', a very controversial project in Turkey. 2.Buğra Çimen, Tuğberk Oğuztürk
29.11.2022 1.Mullaperiyar Dam 2. Microplastics in drinking water  1.Vani Vijayakumar and Elza George 2. Anne Louise de Melo



1.floods situation in Brazil  1. Geovana mosquera 
2. Historic drought in Mexico's industrial capital: Monterrey faces new challenges for the management of water resources along with its national security.  2. Anyi Lorena Másmela Colmenares, Silvia Janeth Ramos Santana.


Drip irrigation in Honduras Raul Barahona, Fernando Funez



1.Dam Break Analysis and Flood Inundation Mapping 1. Amool Shrestha, Rahil Ahmad 
2.PFAS contamination in Minnesota, USA. 2.Anna Cerf



1. Increase in temperature and droughts in Germany. 1.Chandramouli Chaudhuri  
2. PFAS contamination and remediation in topsoil 2. Fadi Kardan, Daniel Urrutia


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