Warem 17


Qualified, multidisciplinary engineers and scientists as well as international scientific and professional cooperation in the field of water resources engineering and management are in demand to meet the water needs of a growing world population within given environmental and social constraints.
The Master of Science Program WAREM has been developed to satisfy these demands. It is based mainly on the fields of civil and environmental engineering, and working close together with the Institutes  IWS (Hydraulic and Computation Environmental Systems) and  ISWA (Sanitary Engineering, Water Quality and Solid Waste Management).

WAREM is the appropriate Master program for

  • Bachelor of Civil Engineering, Water Resources, Chemical Engineering, Chemical Process Technology, Environmental Eng. Fluid Mechanic Eng. Irrigation Eng, Mechanical Eng., Sanitary Eng., Soil & Irrigation Eng.
  • Educational or professional experience in either hydraulics or wastewater, particularly in fluid mechanics are required

Not appropriate: High National Diploma (HND)